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Get to Know the 2017 SuperDraft

With United holding the first-overall pick, the SuperDraft could be very important to our first year roster

MLS: SuperDraft Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Although we lost the Priority Draft coin-toss, Sporting Director Manny Lagos insists he still came away with what was his top priority going in: The first pick in the 2017 MLS SuperDraft

Relative to many of the other player-acquisition methods in MLS, the SuperDraft is straight-forward. It is like the drafts in the other American sports in that teams take turns selecting players from NCAA soccer programs across four rounds of selections.

When there are expansion teams, they pick first. Then, teams that missed the playoffs pick ordered from worst record to best. Next, the playoff teams pick starting with the teams who were eliminated first. Finally, the MLS Cup runner-up picks before the champions get the last selection in the round.

Originally, two separate drafts filled the SuperDraft’s role: The College Draft and the Supplemental Draft. The College Draft allowed teams to pick players from American college programs, while the Supplemental Draft was where teams drafted players coming in from other American leagues.

The College Draft and Supplemental Drafts were merged in 2000. However, in 2003 the Supplemental Draft would be briefly reinstated for a year, at which point the SuperDraft became a draft solely for collegiate athletes

This upcoming draft will be the 18th edition of the MLS SuperDraft. It is set to be held on January 13th in Los Angeles. Minnesota United currently hold the 1st, 23rd, 45th and 67th picks this year, though draft picks are a tradable commodity so that could change.

Who do you want us to take? Drop your dream draft picks in the comments below.