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2016 Expansion Draft Protected List Updates

Follow along for the updated list of players available for Minnesota United to pick up in the 2016 Expansion Draft

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason 2016 (or is it Offseason 2017?) is finally here! It’s time for Minnesota United FC to pick up some players! They started yesterday, trading for Colorado Rapids centerback Joe Greenspan, and will continue this week with the Expansion Draft, Free Agency and Waiver Draft.

he Expansion Draft starts tomorrow, and teams should be releasing their protected player lists throughout the day (if you need a refresher on how this draft works, click here).

While you wait for teams to release the real protected lists, you can check out SB Nation’s Mock Expansion Draft, where each MLS blog listed the players they would protect on their teams. We held a mock draft using these lists with the Atlanta United blog, Dirty South Soccer, and you will find our picks were way better than DSS’s picks.

We will update the protected lists as they become available, so check back throughout the day to see who will be available in tomorrow’s draft!