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Best Headlines of 2017 (This is Not One of Them)

Everyone else is recapping 2016, but we are a bit more forward thinking than that.

As 2016 rushes to a close, everyone is hoping that no more celebrities pass away compiling their list of “Best _______ Of 2016” (including ourselves, even though our blog is only a little over a month old *pats self on back for making it this far*). In order to get out in front of all the “Best Of 2017” articles that will surely flood your timelines next December, we are going ahead and posting it now. Below you will find the Best Headlines of 2017, a year of firsts, a year of highs and lows, and a year of strange happenings for Minnesota United FC.


MNUFC Continues Minnesotan Tradition of Letting Draft Clock Expire

This one hurts to write and I really hope it doesn’t happen, but if you don’t know the story of the Vikings missing a draft pick, you can find it here.

MNUFC Still Don’t Have Enough Players

#PANIC has reached painful levels, as MNUFC still haven’t released a majority of the roster as the January 28th deadline approac-

Dear MNUFC, Give Us A Second to Keep Track of All These Signings

Before we can even get the story out about our lack of signings, Adrian Heath and the gang throw an entire offseason’s worth of signings at us in one week and we are left eating our words and scrambling to keep up.


How Many Players Can Get Sent Off Before A Game Is Called? (Asking for a Friend)

In MNUFC’s inaugural MLS match, they continue right where they left off in last year’s (and this year’s) exhibition matches in Portland, piling up red cards and suspensions. (The answer: 5 per team, a minimum of 7 players is required).


With Second Win In May, MNUFC Already Exceeding Expectations

A pessimistic prediction by Grant Wahl in October 2016 led to #PANIC across Minnesota supporters (before a single player was signed), but with their 6th win of the year MNUFC have already surpassed his expectations.


More Assistance Needed: Video Assistant Referees Need Help

MLS has been working on implementing VAR to give referees some help, but the transitions has been anything but smooth.


Remember When We Were Worried About Cold Games?

As the temperature (and humidity) approach triple digits, we remind everyone that we were afraid of Minnesota winters. Bring on the cold!


What Do I Do With My Hands? How (Field Player) Ended Up in Net

The perfect storm of injury, suspension and dumb luck resulted in Heath throwing[Field Player to Be Named Later] in goal. The result was less than surprising.


A Little Less United: United To Change Name

Don’t worry, it isn’t Minnesota United changing its name. One of the other ones.

The Price is Wrong: How Minnesota's 'Blue Collar' Team Beat Atlanta's Luxe Lineup to the Playoffs

I hope.

It looks like 2017 is going to shape up to be a pretty awesome year! What headlines do you expect/want to see in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!