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“Make No Mistake,” Says United, Home Games to be at TCF Bank Stadium in 2017

Amid rumors of matches at U.S. Bank Stadium, team makes clear where they will play home games next season.

TCF Bank Stadium Prepares To Host Minnesota Vikings Game
“Hey, Nike? It’s United. What are the chances you can make our lads some ‘snow cleats?’” -MNUFC front office, probably
Photo by Hannah Foslien /Getty Images

A proposed Loons exhibition match at the state’s latest and greatest sports stadium is ruffling feathers in the Vikings’ front office, and now they’re threatening to sue.

Our favorite rookie MLS team made headlines last week when it was revealed that the team had reached out to the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) to discuss the possibility of hosting a match - or matches - at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Whether or not a United match at U.S. Bank Stadium will actually come to pass remains to be seen, but the news did raise some fans’ eyebrows as they wondered if this could be a sign that all home games next season could be played there. That would be a drastic course change from a previous announcement that home games would be played exclusively at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium.

United took to Twitter to officially quash the rumor and reaffirm their commitment to play home games at TCF next season.

And if that lead picture of a snow-covered TCF Bank Stadium gives you chills, imagine what the squad could be facing during an early-season home match. Remember: In Minnesota, we’re not safe from snowfall until the 4th of July.

I can feel the pulled hamstrings already. Any chance we can sign Eric Sugarman?