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Gov Dayton: Vikings Threatening Loons with Lawsuit is ‘Sour Grapes’

Minnesota’s governor weighs in on the latest stadium-related soccer scuffle

MLS: Minnesota United FC-Press Conference Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking to reporters at a recent news conference, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton called the Vikings threatened legal action over Minnesota United’s possible use of U.S. Bank Stadium “sour grapes.”

Last week, news broke that the Loons were investigating the possibility of hosting a home game at the palatial stadium. The Vikings - who have a five-year exclusive right to “establish” a professional soccer team in the facility - did not take the news lightly and

The crux of the Vikings’ argument seems to rest on one word: establish. If their exclusive right to establish an MLS team in U.S. Bank Stadium was intended to include the right to approve or deny other professional soccer teams wishing to use the building, then they’ll have a fairly strong defense to put forth.

However, if the intent of their five-year deal was intended to grant the Vikings only the right to bring in regularly scheduled MLS games it may be a different story.

Both organizations have remained below the radar since the news broke last week, but with the pre-season mere weeks away it likely won’t be long before we see movement one way or another on this issue.

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