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Christian Ramirez’s Wedding Tweets are On Point

CR21’s big day is here and he’s letting the rest of us tag along for the ride.

Courtesy: @Chris_Ramirez17

Wedding bells are ringing in the United locker room as the one and only Christian Ramirez gets hitched today.

While we normally don’t get the inside scoop on celebrity weddings, Ramirez is tweeting some fun behind-the-scenes pictures and letting us all tag along. Here are our a few of the best.

It should go without saying that the groom-to-be was pretty jacked last night.

And why wouldn’t he be with old friend Miguel Ibarra on hand to help celebrate his final night of bachelorhood?

Finally, the big day arrived, and our boy CR21 sported an epic jersey-like undershirt.

I have no idea if club owners typically spring for gifts for their players when they get married, but what better gift could there be than an MLS contract for our favorite multiple-Golden-Boot-award-winning player?

Get on it, Dr. Bill!