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3 Things From Vadim Demidov’s First Interview as a Loon

Getting to know our newest player

Real Madrid v Rosenborg - Santiago Bernabeu Trophy
MNUFC player Vadim Demidov matched up against Real Madrid legend Raul in 2009
Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

A few quick takeaways from the first interview with Vadim Demidov, Norwegian center back and newest player for MNUFC.

He’s been all over

Born in the old Soviet Union, his family moved to Norway when he was three. He started playing soccer in Norway before eventually moving to Spain, Germany, and Russia.

Despite having never lived in an English speaking country, his grasp of the language seems to be very strong. Being Scandinavian, it’s like he already has a Minnesotan accent.

He describes himself as “an angry, angry player”

While he says that off the pitch he is very calm, on the pitch he becomes a different person. He gives his all and frequently winds up covered in bruises, but that’s how he likes it. Vadim tells fans to expect to see him in “a very dirty jersey.”

He has high expectations for Year One

The rising level of play in the league is one of the reasons Demidov lists for deciding to cross the Atlantic. He says that he was immediately interested when United contacted him, seeing this as a great opportunity.

He sees the limits as “sky high,” and believes we will have a successful first season. “Nobody expects much from us but I think we can really surprise people. . .I really believe in our vision for MLS and in this team as well.”

It seems like he’s said all the right things so far. What do you think of the Demidov pick up? Who do you still want to see United sign? Let us know in the comments below!