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Does Minnesota United ACTUALLY Need a Goalkeeper?

Video from April 2014 indicates MNUFC has considered abandoning goalkeeper position in the past.

Minnesota United FC - YouTube

We have been fairly vocal on our site and social media about the lack of goalkeepers on Minnesota United’s roster.

With the preseason fast approaching and player rumors consisting mostly of field players, the situation is starting to get dire. We (sort of) jokingly asked if MNUFC could play without a keeper and a Loon with a sharp memory stepped up and reminded us that this was something that MNUFC once considered:

The video, from April 2014, can be found here.

In it, Manny Lagos points out the importance of possession and team defense in MNUFC’s gameplan. By removing the goalkeeper, it frees up an additional field player, the X-Factor.

Minnesota United - YouTube

Could MNUFC be looking at drafting an X-Factor during Friday’s SuperDraft? Your guess is as good as ours.

Note: We know that this video was released on April 1st, but behind every lie is a bit of truth, right? Maybe?