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FanShots - User Guide

FanShots and FanPosts are a big part of what makes the SBNation community great - they allow readers (like you!) to contribute your thoughts about the team and share things you’ve found across the internet with other Minnesota United fans! We know for a fact you have a few thoughts about the latest signings, the state of the team, or anything really, and FanShots and FanPosts offer you a chance to share them! We do our best to find all the videos, tweets, posts and links about MNUFC, but sometimes we miss a few. That’s where you come in!


FanShots are quick links, posts, images and videos.

When should you post a FanShot?

  • When you find something out on the world-wide-web that other E Pluribus Loonum readers need to see!
  • When you don’t have much to add, other than the interesting bit of internet to share. (if you have a lot to say about the subject, maybe consider making it a FanPost instead!)

How do you share a FanShot?

There are two ways to share a FanShot.

1. Head to or click the “FANSHOTS” button in the header of the main page.

Copy and paste your link into the bar and hit “+FanShot”!

Fill out a bit more detail about your link (and choose to tweet it at us so we don’t miss it!)

2. Use the fancy “FanShots On The Go” bookmark. Simply drag the “FanShots On The Go” button to your browser bar.

The next time you have an item to share, just hit the new button on your browser bar and this handy box pops up!

Fill it out and you’re good to go! (don’t forget to tweet it at us!)

Let’s see what you can find! Go Loons! We are always looking for new things to share about MNUFC! If you are interested in contributing for us on a regular basis, feel free to reach out to and let us know how you’d like to help!