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Kevin Venegas Held a Kangaroo on Media Day

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In the midst of a hectic week filled with media days for MLS and Minnesota United, defender Kevin Venegas found time to take a break and find his zen.

That is, if by “find” you mean “it was foisted upon him,” and by “zen” you meant “kangaroo.” Then yes, that’s exactly what it was.

E Pluribus Loonum’s Stephen Taylor was for Venegas to join him and other media for a group interview when the player arrived smiling. “I was just holding a kangaroo upstairs. Can you guys beat that?” he quipped.

Nope. Not a chance.

Sure enough, a few minutes later the above picture hit the team’s official Twitter feed and predictably took the Twitterverse by storm.

It’s good to see the veteran in good spirits heading into the preseason. Venegas is one of a number of signings that just feels right as we step up into our inaugural MLS season.