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FourFourTwo: What United Needs Before the Preseason

The clock is ticking on United’s roster building efforts as the first test of the team approaches.

MLS: MLS SuperDraft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The good news: We have a goalkeeper now!

The bad news: We have a single rookie goalkeeper and the preseason is just over a week away...

We’ve long known that United would face a more compressed and demanding ramp up to MLS this offseason than Atlanta. With the delay in officially announcing our promotion to the big league, everything from kit designs to player acquisitions has been under increased pressure.

Now, a mere 10-ish days from our first preseason match (reportedly against Croatian side Istra 1961), it’s time to get down to brass tacks and find out what this roster is going to look like.

FourFourTwo put together a great rundown of where United are today and what pieces they should be looking to complete their team.

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