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St. Paul Port Authority Moves on Stadium Area Mall

Non-profit government agency keen to become lead tenant to spur redevelopment at Midway.


While stadium construction gets underway, the area around the stadium site is taking new strides toward redevelopment.

The St. Paul Port Authority voted Tuesday to pursue becoming the lead tenant of a mall at the Midway site, a move designed to reassure and inspire developers that the project is a sound investment and now is the time to move.

The non-profit governmental agency is charged with overseeing four ports as well as economic development initiatives inland.

Redevelopment on land surrounding the stadium project site has been slow to start following the club’s ceremonial groundbreaking a few weeks ago. Thought the Port Authority is taking a lead role in the property at this point, the committee that oversees the Port Authority made clear they do not see it as a long term position.

“I am personally not in favor of us permanently owning the shopping center facility,” Committee Member John Regal said in an interview with the Star Tribune.

Though the proposal passed a major hurdle with the vote, it will still need to go to the Port Authority for approval.

In any case, it is exciting to see movement on both the stadium and the redevelopment district surrounding the site.