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Heads Up: Training Camp Roster Expected Today

It’ll be our first look at who’s training with the team in AZ.

Swansea City v Minnesota United FC

As the team officially kicks off their first official training camp in Arizona, we expect our first look at who nabbed an invite to train with the team.

There will be plenty of obvious names on the list, of course. No one expects an under-contract player to be left at home. But we do expect a few new names on the list.

Just yesterday, we reported that United had extended an invite to Columbia’s Andrew Tinari, an undrafted midfielder, over the weekend. Tinari, who entertained interest from multiple clubs after the SuperDraft, would bring depth to the midfield just in time to join the team for the early days of camp. We’ll be looking for confirmation of his invitation in the roster today.

In addition to Tinari, look for other names that may bring depth to positions in need, like a backup center back.

Keep an eye here and on our Twitter account for the latest news as the training camp roster becomes public.