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New St. Paul Stadium to Feature Safe Standing Supporter Section

The 3,000 seat(less) section will be the steepest in MLS

An aerial view of the proposed plan for United’s stadium
Minnesota United FC

This article has been re-posted as a part of Allianz Field Week.

It is displayed below in its original form from January 27th, 2017.

When speaking to season ticket holders at a Supporter’s Happy Hour on Thursday night, Club President Nick Rogers revealed that the supporter’s section in the new stadium “won’t have seats.”

The 3,000 capacity supporter’s section will be a safe standing section, meaning it will be specifically designed with supporters who stand and sing all match in mind.

Safe standing is popular in the German Bundesliga, where all clubs allow for standing sections for supporters. Many supporters prefer this as it allows them to be more engaged in a match.

According to the architects, the rake (slope) of the section will be the steepest in the league. This, along with the stadium’s overhead canopy, is meant to maximize and retain noise made by supporters groups.

The club seem to want to try their best to preserve the closeness to he field fans got to experience and NSC Stadium in Blaine. At the team’s future home grounds, the closest seat will be 15 feet from the pitch, while the furthest will be only 145 feet away.

Rogers was one of the speakers at an event the club held for season ticket holders which was promoting the club’s Itasca Society.

The Itasca Society is an initiative started by the club to celebrate the first 11,842 season ticket holders (one for every lake in Minnesota). Members of the Itasca Society will be commemorated in the new stadium, and a portion of the proceeds from every Itasca Society ticket sale will go towards Loon preservation through Minnesota State Parks.

There is still space to be a member of the Itasca Society in Minnesota United’s inaugural season. Tickets can be found at or by calling (763) 4-SOCCER