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Danish International Set to Join Loons on Loan

Bashkim Kadrii has been looking at options and it appears the Twin Cities may be the best bet

Iceland v Denmark - UEFA European U21 Championships Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

FC Copenhagen midfielder Bashkim Kadrii wants some new scenery and some more first team play. FC Copenhagen manager Ståle Solbakken has confirmed this many times. Now it appears that Minnesota United and MLS may be the best bet for him.

Danish Media outlet BT is reporting that Kadrii is looking to leave on loan (link in Danish), but the deal would be contingent on Kadrii getting an extension with FCK. The deal is technically in the hands of Kadrii, as he can choose the club that he wants. But, the deal is just as important to FCK since he does not want to leave without knowing what his future may hold.

Kadrii appears to have chosen the Loons, meeting with his agent and the team in Arizona (again, according to reports). The only thing missing is an extension. Kadrii recently bought an apartment in a suburb of Copenhagen, so not knowing what his future holds is not ideal for him, which I think we can all understand.

Kadrii would just be another in a long line of Nordic players to join the Loons with Swedish players John Alvbåge and Mohammed Saeid, Finnish International Rasmus Schüller, and Norwegian Vadim Demidov.

The roster is taking shape! Stick with us as we continue to follow this story!