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5 Key Quotes from #Rambarra’s Facebook Live Chat

Newly signed Loons Christian Ramirez and Miguel Ibarra sat down for a chat with fans Thursday afternoon.

No sooner had #Rambarra been officially announced than they were sitting down with fans around the world for an intimate - and often hilarious - Facebook Live chat.

Though the entire conversation lasted some 15+ minutes, we picked out our top five questions and answers from the video.

What team are you two most looking forward to playing?

Ramirez: Orlando, because I grew up idolizing Kaka.

Ibarra: [L.A.] Galaxy, because I will be playing in front of my family there.

Are you hoping to stick with the same jersey numbers?

Ibarra: Yes, we’re hoping to.

What will your FIFA rating be?

Ramirez: 55-60 overall, with 50 for speed, 88 for shot accuracy, and 85 for passing.

Christian, will you get another Golden Boot?

Ramirez: Hopefully!

Do you have a prediction for. how many goals you’ll score this season?

Ramirez: Double digits, hopefully get some wins.

BONUS: Who is going to. get more goals this season?

Ramirez: I will as long as [Ibarra] passes me the ball.

It was a fun and fascinating first look at the. new (but old) United midfielder and striker. Check out the full video below.