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Minnesota United’s Summer Signing Contract Details

MLS has released the salaraies for summer acquisitions, how did the Loons do?

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Minnesota United FC Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Note: This will only include those players that were signed or loaned from another league. Therefore, Ethan Finlay and Brandon Allen will not be listed.

MLS released salary details for the summer’s signings and The Washington Post’s Steven Goff wrote an article laying out the details. I thought I would look a little closer at the four Minnesota United signings: Sam Nicholson, Michael Boxall, Alex Kapp, and José Leitón.

MNUFC Summer Contract Details

Player Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Player Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Sam Nicholson $235,000 $281,000
Michael Boxall $225,000 $242,000
José Leitón $53,000 $68,000
Alex Kapp $53,000 $53,000


The details are pretty plain to be honest.

Kapp was drafted by Atlanta United this year, but never made an appearance and was signed in early August as third goalkeeper. He has since been loaned, and he was a move to fill the roster after John Alvbage returned to Sweden.

Leitón joined on loan from Herediano in Costa Rica. He is with us until July of 2018, but has an option to buy when the loan terms are up. The 24-year-old Tico has made one appearance for a total of 15 minutes this season so far. Obviously, his signing is still pretty unknown, but at a compensation of $68,000 he is a low-risk, high-reward prospect.

Now, Sammy Nicholson is a little more surprising. It is no surpise that he was going to have the highest salary, but the amount took me by surprise. At $281,000, that puts Sammy around Miguel Ibarra’s guaranteed compensation. It also puts him higher than Johan Venegas, Collen Warner, and Rasmus Schuller. So far though, the 22-year-old Scottish player seems to be worth the money. A beautiful goal against the Houston Dynamo and a near-goal against Atlanta (that went in anyways), and Sammy is showing serious potential.

Boxall is probably the most surprising. The journeyman Kiwi has a guaranteed compensation nearly 4 times as much as Brent Kallman. Box has been solid since joining, but I would not say he is miles ahead of Kallman or even much farther ahead than Jermaine Taylor. I am not saying this signing is absolutely terrible. The numbers are just eye-opening.

Want more numbers? You can access all the MLS salaries here!

Have any burning thoughts about the salaries? Have your say below!