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Turbo Sports FC: The New Kids are About the Kids

Get to know the Twin Cities’ newest soccer club: Turbo Sports FC


There are already a fair amount of established soccer clubs local to the Twin Cities area—Minneapolis City, FC Minneapolis, Minnesota TwinStars, and VSLT, to name a few—so it’s really quite lucky that we’re able to bring you the story of Turbo Sports FC, a new club hoping to associate with the names mentioned above. We’re excited to tell their ongoing story as they progress through the process of becoming a local soccer club. To get an idea of who Turbo Sports are, we caught up with their founder, Ceephas Dean.

Turbo Sports weren’t formed to make money or earn fame. “I decided to from Turbo Sports FC because I wanted to start something that inspires the younger generation of Minnesota soccer players,” Dean explains.

He already has a core group to make up his Minneapolis-based team. “We are a group of college students who have played at local high schools like Prairie Seeds Academy [where former Loon Ish Jome played], Park Center, and Elk River,” he says. “We have played pick-up games amongst ourselves, so I decided I might as well form us all into a team and build something for generations down the line and create something special.”

Dean hopes Turbo Sports FC can “shine a light on the talent that Minnesotan soccer has to offer,” and of course, help future generations develop and “start a youth academy and camps”.

Turbo Sports will play in the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League (MASL) for now, but Dean aims for something bigger soon. “One of the goals of the club is ultimately to have the opportunity to play in the US Open Cup or become an NPSL team,” he hopes.

Dean will aim to join eight other teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas in the NPSL North Conference.

But Turbo Sports won’t wait before sharpening their skills against local sides. “Right now the plan for the club is to set up games against teams from across the metro,” explains Dean. “We will be playing FC Minneapolis [who are preparing for their upcoming friendly against the Ugandan national team] on the 18th and that will be our first match. Hopefully we will have opportunities to play teams like Minneapolis City, Minnesota TwinStars, and some out-of-state clubs.”

We’re excited to follow Turbo Sports FC as they break into local soccer, and Dean believes his club is up for the challenge. “We have a great group of talented players so it should be exciting how it all pans out for us!”