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Instant #PANIC: United and Timbers play to a draw (GIFS + VIDEO)

United let a 2-0 lead slip away. #PANIC? Stream

It was all going too well.

Kevin Molino put a Timbers defender into the spin cycle took a shot and Johan Venegas finished it off to put Minnesota United up 1-0.

The team seemed to be clicking. Every time they had the ball, they were connecting beautifully. The offense seemed to be finding a pretty good rhythym between Venegas, Molino, and Bashkim Kadrii.

The defense looked...okay. Definitely not great, but solid. Alvbage looked very good when he was tested.

That offensive combination again struck for the Loons closer to halftime.

It was all going so well. The dancing was in full force.

Then #PANIC set in during the second half.

Jack McInerey struck for the Timbers to make it 2-1. It was not a great play by Jack Mac nor was it necessarily a breakdown on defense, but we would not be E Pluribus Loonum if we didn’t overreact.

The Timbers made a line change in the second half and brought in what is expected to be their starting XI this coming season. The Loons...brought in Ramirez...and Tanner Thompson.

The difference between the teams was. . .actually not that striking. Honestly, the MNUFC lineup against a rested Portland Starting XI looked really impressive. But still look at this gif of a Valeri free kick. AND PANIC.

Oh right, it was just a very good free kick.

This is when we panic! Really, that was just a great play by Portland, but the defense was beaten. It was a great goal from Portland’s Designated Player Fernando Adi, but the buildup to the goal was just as impressive.

What did you all think? Should we panic? Or you know, treat it like a preseason match?

Who impressed you? Did anyone’s performance stick out in your mind? Share your thoughts!