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It Took MNUFC Too Long To Design A Kit, So It’s Your Turn

Minnesota United is releasing their first MLS kit Friday. Show us your best mock ups!

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Courtesy: @MarmadukeZack

“Where can I find a jersey?” “When is the new kit being released?” “Why can’t I find the MNUFC jersey anywhere?”

Minnesota United FC’s inaugural MLS jersey has been one of the major sources of #PANIC for many supporters (also “can we field a roster?”, “are we going to win a game”, and “where am I supposed to get drunk before matches if we can’t tailgate?”). The team finally announced that Friday, February 17th is the day our jersey questions will be answered, with MNUFC hosting a jersey unveiling party for supporters.

We know a little bit about the design:

  • The jersey will be made by adidas, because sponsorship.
  • The jersey will have some sort of Target logo on it, because sponsorship.
  • The jersey will not have the beloved wing design, because customized jerseys apparently take close to two years to be made.
  • They (probably) won’t be khakis and a red shirt.

What we don’t know about the design:

  • The shade of blue they will use (best guess is the MNUFC powder blue we have come to love will be out, and the new brighter adidas blue will replace it).
  • Target’s leniency with the color/logo choices.
  • If we will like them.

The jersey design is already complete. The club already has them. Now we just have to wait and see what the team produced.

But waiting is dumb. So we came up with a way to pass some time. We found a jersey template, and tested our Microsoft Paint skills to design what we hope the kit will look like. And we want you to do the same.

Take a look at some of our hopes.


“Snow” Away Kit

If this kit looks familiar it is because it is very obviously (and lazily) a copy of Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s Rain Jersey, except, more Minnesotan because it snows here instead of rains. Well, it also rains, but you get the point.

Upon seeing the Snow concept, contributor Álvaro Fernández Fernández mentioned “Those look like old pajamas I had! xD”, which is perfect, because hopefully MNUFC will be the sleeper team this year.


Targets Away Kit

Shortly after MNUFC announced their jersey sponsorship deal with Target, Twitter exploded with Target related puns (“MNUFC sure will have a Target on their back... er front... this year” - everyone on Twitter). So we rolled with that and came up with this monstrosity.

“The Classics”

Classics Home Jersey
Classics Away Jersey

These options are probably the most likely option we have so far, because the simplicity behind the kit seems like something that adidas would actually be able to throw together last second.

The kits could be considered throwbacks, all the way to 2013 when the club was re-branded from Minnesota Stars FC, and the powder blue with red text is reminiscent of the Minnesota Twins jerseys from the 80’s.

This picture isn’t from the 80’s, it’s a throwback jersey. I don’t even know why I have to type this out. Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

“All The Blue Teams in MLS Kinda Look The Same Anyway”

All The Blue Teams in MLS Kinda Look The Same Anyway Home Kit

Another one that may actually be realistic, because it is simple. The stripes appear to be random, not sure if that is on purpose or just the limits of Paint. Either way, it is a good looking jersey, that is most likely within some of adidas’ templates.

“This One Hurts My Eyes”

This One Hurts My Eyes Home Kit

Hopefully this one doesn’t happen, but the logo sort of fading into the background would be a cool feature on another jersey, but Target paid a bunch of money to have their logo displayed on the jersey, so it will be displayed prominently. The gradient look is something that Nike has been kicking out to teams (like Man City and Roma), but is something we haven’t seen adidas try.

“Plain White Tease”

Plain White Tease Away Jersey

Maybe it was out of laziness, maybe it was a brilliant move, but Siems threw together this beauty. It may look like a plain white t-shirt, because it is a plain white t-shirt. Target may not be too happy about the lack of logo, but they could maybe draw it on with Sharpie.

This jersey would be perfect for MNUFC’s trip to NYCFC at the end of June. Imagine the travelling Dark Clouds serenading the Loons to the Plain White T’s hit (are we allowed to call it that?) “Hey There, Delilah”.


@FloralMN seems to know something we don’t. Both about a potential Pogba move to MNUFC, and about how many championships MNUFC will win before that deal happens.

@KyloMills with some sleek designs. The light blue numbers are a nice touch.

Now it’s your turn. Download the templates below, and use Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, or whatever you want (please, please, please someone print out the picture, color it with crayon and send us a pic) to show us what you hope MNUFC’s jerseys look like.

We are serious about that crayon thing.

Twitter user and Minnesota United fan @MarmadukeZack put together one of the best mock ups yet:

Courtesy: @MarmadukeZack
Courtesy: @MarmadukeZack

Hot dang, @MarmadukeZack, those are some SICK kits!

Ryan Evans made these kits about two years ago, before Target was even announced as a sponsor. As we stated above, it takes about two years to design a custom jersey. Coincidence?

Our friend Scott sent this over to us on Facebook, and it is a glorious use of work-time Microsoft Paint.

Scott actually isn’t too far off of the home kit that was recently leaked... who is your source, Scott, and can we talk to them?

Have a mock up of your own? Hit us up on Twitter!