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MNUFC Officially announces Gatt

Loons add the speedy winger from Molde

Canada v United States Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It’s official:

Former USMNT member Josh Gatt will be joing Minnesota this coming season. The winger spent the better part of the past six seasons with Norwegian club, Molde FK. Primarily a winger, Josh Gatt adds depth to an already deep front line.

The question remains though, could he concievably play right-back? It’s not that crazy. It was an idea that was kicked around Twitter by analyst, Matt Doyle.

Hear me out. Jermaine Taylor and Kevin Venegas both have their strengths and weaknesses. I think if Gatt can figure out how to play even competent defense, he can be the best of both Taylor and Venegas

There is no question that Gatt can fly. He, himself, once claimed to be able to sprint 100 meters in 11 seconds flat. Whether that is an accurate number is up in the air, but it illustrates the speed that the Michigan native brings to the table. With the speed that United already appears to have up front, pairing the attacking front with a speedy RB could be a gamechanger.

But this is simply speculation. Gatt is a great depth signing, at least in my opinion. I would love to see him get a shot at multiple spots on the pitch.

What do you think? Like the signing? Join in the conversation below.