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LEAKED: Minnesota United Kit Design Revealed Ahead of Friday Debut

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, Loons.

Courtesy: @sportslogosnet 

Here it is, folks. The moment we’ve been waiting for. A kit design leak!

Aaaaaand, here’s the full design!

A couple of really obvious caveats here, Loons. First, we have no way to confirm if this is the real deal. We have reached out to the club for confirmation but let’s be real, with only a day to go before the official kit unveiling tomorrow, they are not likely to respond.

Second, bear in mind that even if this is the real deal, it is likely a stop-gap design to get us through our first year. Fully custom kits take two years to produce, meaning the Loons will need to wait until next season to get their hands (feathers?) on their own custom design.

Third, if this is a legit design, we don’t know if it is a leaked home, away, or third kit. Since we haven’t yet seen a single design for this season, it could be any of the above.

Using our handy template from our article asking you to design the new MNUFC kit, we have a couple options of how it may all play out:

@KyloMills on Twitter provided a much better option:

This design appears to be based on the crest, with the blue sash representing the Mississippi River, and the gray representing the Iron Range, both very important parts of the state of Minnesota’s identity.

It is interesting to note, that the crest used in the leaked image does not appear to be the crest that the club has been utilizing in preseason, which has a black field containing L’Etouile du Nord.

Our best guess is that the change to crest was to silence the “you didn’t earn a star” comments in reference to the star above crests that symbolize championships for soccer clubs across the world.

Update: Reader PaleVermilion has helped us answer our crest question:

And user rabblerouser reminded us that MNUFC has a history of rocking a sash.

You kind find out a bit more about the kit here.

Twitter is already reacting to the alleged kit design. Here are some highlights.