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MLS Live Pricing Announced for 2017 Season

Don’t miss any MNUFC games this year, or any MLS games if you’re ambitious!

While we wait to see what channel will hold Minnesota United FC’s local TV coverage, MLS Live has announced their pricing for their season pass to out-of-market games. There are three packages to choose from:

Yearly - $79.99/year

A Yearly subscription gets you out-of-market matches for all 22 clubs (pending local and national blackouts*). Yearly users have access to DVR controls, on-demand game replays, multi-game views and a new milestone markers feature.

Single Club - $69.99/club

A Single Club subscription gets you all out-of-market matches for a single team for the year (pending local and national blackouts*). Single Club subscriptions also have access to on-demand replays and users can upgrade to Yearly subscriptions at any time.

Monthly - $14.99/month

A Monthly subscription allows you all of the features of a Yearly subscription, but on a monthly basis.

*MNUFC will have no local blackouts, meaning that the only matches that will not be available on MLS Live for the club will be their 8 nationally televised matches. MLS Live’s listing of blackout rules for each club mentions that it is decided by the team and their local broadcast partner, and considering MNUFC has not yet partnered locally this may change in the future*

Compared to last year’s $75 price tag for every game, the Yearly subscription is only a small bump in price. The Yearly subscription does appear to be the best value, but if you only want to see one team play we you can save yourself $10.


The current supported devices include: iPhone & iPad, Android Phones and Tablets, Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast. There is no mention of compatability (now or in the future) for video game consoles or Slingbox. The features listed in the Yearly subscription (DVR, Milestones, multi-game view, etc) will only be available on the Web version.

It will be interesting to see how the prices, features, and devices change throughout the season. MLS Live offered numerous discounts throughout the year last year: just before the season started, at the midway mark, before the playoffs and for the MLS Cup Final, so you may want to wait to see if the price will go down before the season starts or hold out during the season.

BONUS: MLS Live’s 404 Error Page is great.

Have you used MLS Live in the past? Was it worth it? Let us know in the comments.