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WATCH: Minnesota United vs. San Antonio FC Live Stream at 10:30am

On match day Sunday, will it be salvation for the Loons as they seek their first preseason win?

Courtesy: @SanAntonioFC

Our Sunday just got a bit better as the club announced viewing details for today’s match.

Despite questions of availability in the days leading up to this weekend’s preseason friendly, today’s Minnesota United vs. San Antonio FC match will stream via Facebook Live at 10:30am.

Facebook Live streams are hit or miss. They are typically great quality but can be difficult to find if you don’t “like” or “follow” the right page on Facebook.

Keep an eye on both pages (here and here) leading up to the 10:30 match. We’ll update this post when a stream is available.

Your starting XI:

Here’s the stream. Go Loons!

The second half is underway with a new stream:

Let’s go you Loons!!