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Thank you, Sammy.

I feel like singing some Sarah Maclachlan is in order.

MLS: Preseason-Portland Timbers vs Minnesota United Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

This is not news that should be much of a surprise to any of us, but Sammy Ndjock will not be making the the transition to Major League Soccer with Minnesota United. Personally, I thought he had a shot to make the squad as a preseason invitee simply because of the goalkeeping depth* (or lack thereof). But alas, I was wrong.

I thought I would write this simply as a thank you. I know that we all remember his gaffe against AFC Bournemouth, but I think we never appreciated him as much as we should have. He definitely had some moments that left us scratching our heads, but he also had plenty of moments of pure brilliance that outweighed any of his mistakes (at least, in my opinion.)

From the start, I figured we would not be seeing the Cameroon Native with the Loons this season, but I was still rooting for him. For me, he just seemed like a great guy. (I don’t have any firsthand experience to back up that claim, but that’s how I\he came off to me at least.) I thank you, Sammy. Between you and Steward Ceus (who recently signed with the San Francisco Deltas to join Greg Jordan), MNUFC had two goalkeepers that really embodied what it meant to be fighters and always looking for ways to further their careers.

Sammy Ndjock has overcome a lot to get to where he is today. He will catch on with someone very soon.

Just. . .maybe stay away from the jelly sandwiches. . .

*Note: The team was also filled up on International Slots, so it was unlikely that Sammy would have made the team.