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Twitter Reacts to Minneapolis City’s US Open Cup Disqualification

“What if I told you an undefeated team can still lose?”

Minneapolis City SC, Champions of Twitter, were informed recently that their move from Premier League of America (PLA) to National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) caused their disqualification from the US Open Cup tournament. Long story short, the United States Soccer Federation ruled that this move made them ineligible, despite the team moving to teams at the same level of the American Soccer Pyramid (whereas MNUFC moved up a level on the pyramid, but because of the timing of their move, are still eligible for the tournament). (If you want a full explanation, our friends at Fifty Five.One provided great coverage, as usual).

As mentioned above (and all over their social media), MPLS City are the Champions of Twitter, and the response to their disqualification by both the team and its supporters showed why.

Fifty Five.One’s Kyle Ellison breaks the news:

And the responses roll in:

Including a lot of references to [poop emoji]:

And it wouldn’t be MPLS City if Grumpy Cat didn’t make an appearance:

The supporters read the rules, and looked for help:

Even the team’s NPSL North foes came to their defense:

But then... a realization was made:

And they rolled with it:

So they did:

You can pre-order said shirts here.

But act fast before the pre-order is done:

The only team to ever lose to Minneapolis City in the Open Cup steps in:

A petition was made, and you should sign it:

And then, as if the shirts weren’t enough, they came up with arguably their best idea yet:

One game between two undefeated US Open Cup champs. We’ll be waiting patiently. And tweeting. A lot.