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Land of 10,000 Links: February 9, 2017

The “Windows XP Memorial” edition.

Courtesy: ESPNFC

Good day, futbol fans!

Welcome to our latest daily roundup and open comment thread. Enjoy!


  • Single match tickets are on sale today at 10am sharp. Get ‘em while they’re hot! (MNUFC)
  • Our on-again-off-again hunt for Bashkim Kadrii came to an end yesterday with an official announcement that he has signed with United. (MNUFC)

Around the League

  • So, you want to sign a player to your MLS squad? Great! Just follow this simple 9000-step process. (Sports Illustrated)
  • PRO/REL! There, now the Twitter trolls will know where to find us. USSF President Sunil Gulati talks pro/rel in an interview with Planet Futbol. (Sports Illustrated)

Around the World

  • Check out this very, very cool story of Fatima Al Ali, a female hockey player from the UAE recently invited to train with the Washington Capitols. (SBNation)
  • When Liverpool went up for sale in 2010, ownership approached none other than silicon magnate Bill Gates. Huh. (ESPNFC)

Countdown to MLS

  • Debut MLS match on March 3 (@Timbers): 22 days
  • Debut home match on March 12 (Atlanta United): 31 days