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It’s Official: Minnesota United Kit (Finally) Coming Next Week

No, we will not be playing shirtless, as many were beginning to suspect.

Courtesy: MNUFC

Rejoice, United fans. Kits are here! And not a moment too soon.

Minnesota United took to Twitter Thursday morning to make official what many expected: Our new MLS kit will be unveiled next Friday.

The club’s tweet alludes to some kind of unveiling party, a move that makes total sense given that the event is slated for a Friday.

If an unveiling party is in the works, the club would be following in Atlanta United’s footsteps. Our sister expansion side held a kit reveal bash at The Tabernacle to hype the new MLS gear and give their biggest fans a chance to see it first.

And here is a closer look at their kits. Try not to drool.

How will our kits compare?

That’s tough to answer, mainly because we know almost nothing about our kit design aside from the presence of a certain bullseye design.

To compare our club to Atlanta (Get used to it, guys. This is going to happen all season...), we will almost certainly have a less customized kit than they do. We joined the league pretty late in the season relative to other expansion sides, and suffered as a result.

Wes Burdine reported yesterday that the kit will look more “off the shelf” than it otherwise would have if we had more time for design and manufacturing. Is that a deal breaker? Not really but it will make standing next to Atlanta jerseys at our home opener kind of disappointing.

In any case, keep your eyes on your inbox. We expect invitations to the unveiling event to arrive shortly.