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Mohammed Saeid’s Star Tribune Picture Wins The Internet

The man. The myth. The legend.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do a photo shoot. What an amazing shot from Star Tribune photographer, Elizabeth Flores.

One part midfielder, one part Starbucks model, Mohammed Saeid is quickly becoming one of my favorite additions to the team.

Aside from showing great awareness on the field during Thursdays 1-1 tie against the Vancouver Whitecaps, Saeid also appears to have a fantastic personality. By all accounts, he is an integral part of team culture that is already growing strong as the club prepares to head into its inaugural MLS season.

But, I digress. The regular season is weeks away. (It’s actually coming up pretty soon) Heck, we don’t even have kits yet. (We should really get on that)

Let’s all just take a deep breath and appreciate for a minute the hilarious and sublime portrait of a man tasked with locking down the midfield for United.

I, for one, am waiting to buy this as a canvas print.