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E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 2: vs Atlanta United

It’s our home opener and your shot to win on a historic day.

Eli Hoff

Welcome to E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 2! We had a great turnout for the first week, so we’re hoping to get even more this time around.

If you haven't familiarized yourself with the rules, please read them here. Even if you do know what you're doing, there's a few important things to remind you of.

Everyone can participate.

Ten points are possible each round. The complete scoring system can be found here.

Predictions should be made in the comments below. They must be posted no later than 3:00 pm CST on Sunday. That still gives you plenty of time for research.

Standings will be released as soon as we can tally points, but it may be a few days after the match. Last week’s results and the current standings can be checked out here.

Finally, a review on how we'd like predictions formatted (but as long as you make everything clear, anything works):

Win, Minnesota United 2-1 Atlanta United

Alvbage, Davis, Demidov, Calvo, Thiesson, Ibarra, Schuller, Saeid, Molino, J. Venegas, Ramirez

IMPORTANT NOTE: FB Jérôme Thiesson is available for Friday's match, and F Abu Danladi is questionable.

Let's see what you've got Loons fans! Fill up the comment section with your submissions.