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MNUFC President Addresses Supporters

Nick Rogers is reading our tweets, guys.

Written out in non-thread form:

I know it’s an embarrassing scoreline & I know I should be saying stuff about its not good enough & the fans deserve better—all true, but… Yesterday was special. Yesterday an amazing MN home crowd watched a top division pro side play a league match for the 1st time in decades. As we saw pregame, MN soccer history runs deep. But for so long the professional side was unstable. No more. Now things are different.

Being a supporter of club football is as much an emotional investment as it is financial. For too long, that wasn’t a safe investment in MN. But now? The congregation is big. We’re gonna build a church. Faith is high, even If the choir is still trying to find some of the notes. That’s why you saw 35k brave the elements to cheer LOUDLY for their team in a 6-1 loss. Permanence. It’s finally safe to love your club. We’re building a culture at @MNUFC & that doesn’t happen overnight. We’re going to have good years & bad years but the thing that will define us is our ability to remain UNITED throughout. #MNUFC

“We’re gonna build a church”. You can find us in the pews, Nick. (or are we the choir?)