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E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 3: at Colorado Rapids

Week 3 is here, and hopefully nobody has to predict a double-digit scoreline.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at New York Red Bulls
MNUFC faces Tim Howard, USMNT shotstopper this weekend.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 3, a competition where Minnesota United fans can retain optimism for the rest of the campaign. The Loons are off to the mountains of Colorado this week which means you have some more predicting to do.

If you missed last week's results, find out where you stand here. If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with the competition's rules, please do so here. Remember, if you haven't joined in yet or you missed a week, it's no big deal. There's always room for more in the competition, so please join in!

Submissions will close at 7:00pm CST on Saturday. A brief reminder on how we'd like them formatted (but don't sweat it, just be clear):

Win, Minnesota United 2-1 Colorado Rapids

Shuttleworth, Thiesson, Demidov, Calvo, Taylor, Ibarra, Warner, Saeid, Molino, J. Venegas, Ramirez

IMPORTANT NOTE: GK John Alvbage is OUT, GK Patrick McLain is OUT, F Johan Venegas may have a baby on the way.

Best of luck to all competitors! We do recommend picking a full eleven players and, though it would be extremely helpful for the Loons, we do not advise using Kevin Molino twice. Standings will be updated likely on Sunday.