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Unboxing: Season Ticket Holder Package

Spoilers abound in this inside look at the season ticket holder packages shipping this week.

This week, a moment long promised by the club finally arrived for many of the most loyal United fans: Season ticket holder packages arrived.

Boxed in inconspicuous cardboard, the packages were greeted with delight by those that got them and jealousy by some on Twitter that did not. Though it appears the packages were all picked up from MNUFC HQ in Golden Valley on Tuesday afternoon, it takes time for USPS to route and deliver the small parcels. Fans continued to post unboxing pictures on social media Thursday as deliveries rolled in.

Whether you’ve already received your package and just want to relive the rush of opening the box or are not a season ticket holder and are just curious to see what’s inside, feast your eyes on both photo galleries below to get up close and personal with the coolest bit of swag to come out of the Loons’ front office thus far.

Nestled just below the gray tone Itasca Society booklet were my tickets, followed by a rather thick blue booklet labeled “Match Day Manual.” What it contains is a helpful and tantalizing look at what an actual United home match will look like at TCF Bank Stadium in just over a week.

Curious? Have a look.

There you have it, folks. A pretty epic gift package just in time for the season. If you aren’t already a season ticket holder, consider becoming one to support your favorite club. More information on that is available here.

Let’s go, you Loons!