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Minnesota United Players Added to FIFA Ultimate Team

A recent update added 14 Minnesota United players to the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

The best team that can currently be assembled using Loons players on FIFA 17.

After last night’s eventful 2-2 draw against Colorado, there’s more good news for Loons fans as 14 Minnesota United players have been added to FIFA 17’s most popular game mode, FIFA Ultimate team.

The highest rated players are Vadim Demidov, John Alvbage, and Kevin Molino, who all managed to snag a 72 rating in-game. Collin Martin and Patrick McLain are the two lowest rated Loons, checking in at ratings of 56 and 58 respectively. As it currently stands, the best possible rating that you can achieve with a roster of Minnesota United players is a 68 overall, two-and-a-half star team.

One of the more interesting player ratings is Jermaine Taylor, who at an overall of 69 is the fourth-highest rated player out of the bunch, ahead of Bashkim Kadrii, Miguel Ibarra, and Collen Warner.

It appears as though the players that came to Minnesota United from the NASL were not in the FIFA database and as such were not included in this roster update. Notable missing players include Justin Davis, Ibson, Rasmus Schuller, and Brent Kallman. Francisco Calvo is also notably absent as well due to the fact that FIFA does not have the licensing for the Costa Rican Primera Division.

Below is a chart containing the rating and position for each player added earlier today. What are your thoughts on EA’s evaluation of the Loons’ roster? Let us know in the comments below.

Minnesota United Player Ratings

Last Name First Name Position Overall Rating
Last Name First Name Position Overall Rating
Demidov Vadim CB 72
Alvbage John GK 72
Molino Kevin CAM 72
Taylor Jermaine CB 69
Kadrii Bashkim LM 68
Shuttleworth Bobby GK 68
Ibarra Miguel LM 67
Warner Collen CDM 66
Saeid Mohammed CDM 66
Venegas Johan ST 66
Gatt Joshua RM 64
Thiesson Jerome RB 61
McLain Patrick GK 58
Martin Collin CAM 56