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Results: “E Pluribus Choose Em” Week 4

Minnesota United was disappointing, but your scores were far more promising.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at New England Revolution Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The highest scoring week in the history of E Pluribus Choose-Em is in the books! The special scoring system that was used for the match gave a point for every player predicted correctly may have played a part in that change, but participants did well to pick up points. Before I announce who is atop the table after four rounds, I would like to congratulate robblerouser, KCMasterpiece1432, markgoody, MNWildcat, and vrnbch on becoming the first ever players to correctly predict Minnesota United's entire starting lineup. Perhaps an even greater congratulations is owed to FreeFlyingLooner, who kept the number one spot for a second consecutive week!

Here's the lay of the land:

E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 4 Table

Player Total Score
Player Total Score
FreeFlyingLooner 34
thegreatgatz 30
FootballorFutbol? 29
KCMasterpiece1432 29
Timber Dome 28
Long tuba 28
robblerouser 28
Chicorychick 27
vrnbch 27
markgoody 26
KLP 25
mark2309 23
MattyH17 19
PaleVermilion 19
noobFC 19
BlackBeardMN 18
MNWildcat 16
CMParkhurst 14
TrueTeacher 7
Mr. Loontastic 6
sweetpeatwins 5
darthgumby 5
Isaac Ch 5
misanthropester 4
SounderTX 4
Wingz! 4
Packerbacker96 4
lolommel 4

If you'd like to see your week-by-week totals and average points, check out a more detailed table here.

We'll be back on Thursday with Round 5 for next weekend's April Fool's Day match against Real Salt Lake!