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Confirmed: New Minnesota United Stadium to be Sponsored by Allianz

Source tells E Pluribus Loonum the naming rights for the new field have been decided.

This article has been re-posted as a part of Allianz Field Week, our celebration of Minnesota United’s new stadium.

It is presented below in its original form from March 8th, 2017.

Update: FiftyFive.One has confirmed through two sources that Allianz will be the stadium sponsor for Minnesota United’s new home in St. Paul.

After months of speculation, a tantalizing new detail may have emerged about the Midway stadium project.

Ever since the club broke ground on a chilly December day, we’ve been wondering what name will adorn the side of the building. Up until this point, no name has been made official.

According to a source, the name for the new facility is all but finalized. What we now refer to as “the Midway site” will soon be known as Allianz Field.

Allianz, a global financial services firm with a presence in the twin cities metro, makes quite a bit of sense as a title sponsor for the new stadium. Although they are headquartered in Germany, the firm has a history of supporting soccer in Germany with the naming rights to Bayern Munich’s home stadium, Allianz Arena.

United’s new crib will also bear more than a passing resemblance to Allianz Arena, a facility known for its color-changing exterior. While we don’t know if it will feature multiple colors, renderings for United’s new home prominently feature splashes of blue.

The club did not return a request for comment by press time.

As with all rumor and speculation, take this with a grain of salt, people. We’ve only got one source at this point. Until we get a second or hear from the club, don’t get that Allianz Field tattoo you’re considering right now. ( ... alright, alright, get the tattoo ... )

If this turns out to be the name, what’s your reaction? Sound off in the comments below!