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Results: E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 7

It was lucky after all...

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Houston Dynamo Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

E Pluribus Choose-Em saw some great results this weekend. There were enough ten-point weeks to cause some major changes in the table, while we also saw more folks join in on the competition. There is now a three-way tie for first place. FreeFlyingLooner was caught by KCMasterpiece1432 and Timber Dome.

Here's the spread:

E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 7 Table

Player Total Score
Player Total Score
FreeFlyingLooner 51
KCMasterpiece1432 51
Timber Dome 51
robblerouser 49
FootballorFutbol? 47
thegreatgatz 47
Long tuba 47
markgoody 46
mark2309 46
Chicorychick 44
vrnbch 43
KLP 41
noobFC 39
MattyH17 35
CMParkhurst 33
MNWildcat 32
PaleVermilion 27
Wiscoloon 26
Nebraska_Loon 23
BlackBeardMN 22
Patrick Westerlund 17
Aaron Tinklenberg 16
T_Durka 14
TrueTeacher 14
YellowAndRed4ever 12
Mr. Loontastic 6
sweetpeatwins 5
darthgumby 5
Isaac Ch 5
misanthropester 4
SounderTX 4
Wingz! 4
Packerbacker96 4
lolommel 4

This week's results can only mean one thing—next week may be the most important round yet. See ya Thursday!