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Results: E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 8

Minnesota's defense lowered Choose-Em scores too.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We saw a great performance from the Loons on the pitch last night. Scores were a bit lower than usual this week, leaving us with a two-person tie at the top. KCMasterpiece1432 and Timber Dome are holding on to a one point lead. Also, huge thanks to throwingrocksathouses920, Indianassassin, Nate Reichle, and Southernmostloonsfan for joining us this round.

Before I reveal the all-important table, I'd like to thank everyone who took the survey. There was some great feedback. E Pluribus Loonum always listens to its readers, so at the halfway point of the season (the All Star Game) we will implement an improved scoring system. Full details will be released as that date comes closer.

Without further ado, the standings:

E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 8 Table

Player Total Score
Player Total Score
KCMasterpiece1432 56
Timber Dome 56
FreeFlyingLooner 55
robblerouser 54
FootballorFutbol? 52
thegreatgatz 52
Long tuba 52
markgoody 51
mark2309 51
Chicorychick 51
noobFC 44
vrnbch 43
MattyH17 42
KLP 41
CMParkhurst 38
MNWildcat 37
Wiscoloon 31
Nebraska_Loon 30
PaleVermilion 27
BlackBeardMN 22
Aaron Tinklenberg 21
Patrick Westerlund 17
YellowAndRed4ever 17
T_Durka 14
TrueTeacher 14
throwingrocksathouses920 10
indianassasin 10
Nate Reichle 10
Southernmostloonsfan 10
Mr. Loontastic 6
sweetpeatwins 5
darthgumby 5
Isaac Ch 5
misanthropester 4
SounderTX 4
Wingz! 4
Packerbacker96 4
lolommel 4

An in-depth version, with averages and weekly tallies, can be found here.

See ya on Thursday!