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Word on the Tweets: MNUFC Win First MLS Game

Check out how Twitter reacted to Minnesota United FC knocking off Real Salt Lake

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Minnesota United FC Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota United picked up their first Major League Soccer win this weekend, and if you weren’t part of the 17,000+ fans at TCF Bank Stadium, the next best place to be was Twitter. MNUFC supporter Twitter reacted as one would expect when the Loons were the ones punishing the back of the net, and that is whatever the opposite of #PANIC is. Take a look.

It wouldn’t be a Minnesota sporting event if we didn’t start talking about the weather.

We couldn’t complain about the weather, so we had to find other things to complain about.

Note: the reason there are UMN logos on the field is a result of the deal that MNUFC struck with the University of Minnesota for rights to use the field. There are a handful of nationally televised games where the logos will not be present, but this should be the norm for the rest of the season, unfortunately. Here’s a more positive field-related tweet:

Regardless of the field conditions, Loons were ready.

Unfortunately, the match started as other Minnesota United matches this season have.

But then Kevin Molino tied it up at 1.

The first half ended with the game tied up, and positivity was...rising. The sunset wasn’t too bad, either.

The second half started, and the goals started rolling in.

It was hard to not root for MNUFC last night, and there were fans across the league (and world) hopping on board.

The Dark Clouds and True North Elite brought the noise.

Seriously, Eric Gibbs whole Twitter feed is full of videos from the Supporters’ Section. You should check it out.

And the pants. They also brought the pants.

There was still PANIC, but for once it wasn’t from MNUFC supporters.

It was April Fool’s Day, and only a few people took the opportunity to point that out.

Sorry, did I say a few? I meant a lot.

But it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. It was glorious.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

Update: The game ended about an hour earlier, but our friend mark2309 confirmed that The Current was celebrating too.

If you’re confused why the club celebrates with Wonderwall, check out this history lesson from the Dark Clouds.

The players got in on the celebrations.

And the post game celebration wouldn’t be complete without an Adrian Heath reaction.

Alright, this post got out of hand quick but I will end it with my personal favorite tweet from the night:

We do like that, Brent. We do.

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