Loons open US Open Cup on the road at Sporting Kansas CIty


June 14th, Children's Mercy Park, Kansas City. Be there. (I might!)

After it was announced this morning that these were the possible pairings for the fourth-round, the US Open Cup apparently held what surely must have been incredibly exciting coin flips in Chicago:

Here are the #USOC2017 Fourth Round matchup designations.

Coin flips to determine hosting scenarios will occur today at 12:30 p.m. ET.

— U.S. Open Cup (@opencup) May 18, 2017

That led to this...

#USOC2017 Fourth Round Draw:@SportingKC will host @MNUFC

— U.S. Open Cup (@opencup) May 18, 2017

It's a rough draw, not getting a team from the lower divisions, but with the US Open Cup's propensity for regional matchups, that seems like it'll be a bit of a bugaboo for the Loons unless Des Moines, Madison, Minneapolis City, or any NPSL North teams make a run.

Similarly boned teams were the Sounders and Timbers, who will clash in Seattle, and the New York clubs, who will meet wherever the Red Bulls play.

Surely this will be another in a now-getting-repetitive series of clashes with SKC in the US Open Cup...but another inch toward a really good rivalry? Time will tell...