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NPSL North Weekly: the Rainy Day Edition

Spring showers may interfere with the second weekend of NPSL North play.

Courtesy: Twitter @NPSL_North

It was an exciting first weekend in NPSL North, with four exciting matches being played across the conference. Before we preview what's on the menu this weekend, let's take a peek at where the teams stand:

2017 NPSL North Table Week 1

Team Points
Team Points
Med City FC 3
Dakota Fusion FC 3
Minneapolis City SC 3
Duluth FC 1
Minnesota TwinStars FC 1
Sioux Falls Thunder FC 0
Aris SC 0

This weekend's matches:

Dakota Fusion v Med City

Both teams picked up victories in their first matches, Fusion getting an away win in the Dakota Derby, and Med City picking up an easy three points against Aris. They scored a combined seven goals, while conceding just one (a penalty given by Fusion), so offense shouldn't be an issue for either team. The Mayhem had great support behind them in Rochester, but things may be more difficult on the road.

Fusion 2-1 Med City

Sioux Falls Thunder v Aris

This match has been cancelled due to a waterlogged playing field. It will be rescheduled for another date.

At first glance, and maybe even second glance, this matchup doesn't look too appealing. This will, however, be a match that could have some implications down the road. Both teams will be fighting to stay off the bottom spot, and these two teams seem to be the most likely candidates to finish last.

Sioux Falls 0-0 Aris

Minnesota TwinStars v Viejos Son Los Trapos

It's a kinda sorta Twin Cities derby in this one, if St. Paul and Minnetonka can really have a rivalry. TwinStars conceded a stoppage time equalizer in their tight draw with Duluth last weekend, while VSLT dropped easy points against a 10-man Minneapolis City. Both teams need to take advantage of this match, especially TwinStars, who determined that the required streaming of matches was not in the budget for this season, prompting the need to fundraise.

TwinStars 1-2 VSLT

Minneapolis City v Duluth

This match is mouth-watering, to say the least. Both clubs picked up solid points on the road last week, and both are expected to be near, or at, the top of the table. Former Minnesota United player Brian Kallman is expected to appear for the Crows, who have also secured KFAN's Eric Nordquist to provide commentary for their livestream. If you're unable to make it to this match, or just unwilling to sit in the forecasted rain, make sure to catch the stream. Travel will likely prove to be Duluth's weakness in this one, but expect a quality game between the Crows and Blue-Greens.

Minneapolis City 3-1 Duluth

Many of the teams in NPSL North are still unknowns, but this weekend will provide another chance to evaluate the talent level of the clubs in this brand-new division.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming matches? Have any piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments section!