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E Pluribus Choose-Em: The (1st) FINAL

Yes, we sprung this on you, but that's part of the challenge.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to the final round of E Pluribus Choose-Em. No, the competition is not stopping at the end of this (we hope it is widely enjoyed), but we will be implementing a new scoring system this weekend. We also feel it is time to give all competitors a level playing field for the second half of the season.

Regardless of the result on the field, a champion will be crowned Wednesday night. Choose-Em participants, be at your best.


Timber Dome and CMParkhurst were kind enough to point out my moment of mental ineptitude in forgetting to tally last round's results. I apologize for any confusion/inconvenience caused. I will promptly return to my usual level of adequence.

Choose-Em Table

Player Total Score
Player Total Score
robblerouser 102
Timber Dome 102
FreeFlyingLooner 98
KCMasterpiece1432 97
thegreatgatz 96
FootballorFutbol? 94
Chicorychick 93
Long tuba 92
noobFC 84
mark2309 83
CMParkhurst 78
markgoody 77
MNWildcat 76
Wiscoloon 75
MattyH17 66
Nebraska_Loon 62
YellowAndRed4ever 51
throwingrocksathouses920 48
vrnbch 43
KLP 41
Aaron Tinklenberg 39
indianassasin 32
PaleVermilion 27
Nate Reichle 27
T_Durka 25
colinmc82 24
BlackBeardMN 22
Patrick Westerlund 17
Southernmostloonsfan 17
TrueTeacher 14
wellActuarially 10
Mr. Loontastic 6
sweetpeatwins 5
darthgumby 5
Isaac Ch 5
misanthropester 4
SounderTX 4
Wingz! 4
Packerbacker96 4
lolommel 4

Mathematically, seven competitors are in contention for the first half title, but all eyes will be on the tie at the top. The full table is available here.

The lineup is fairly unknown, so give it your best shot Loons fans!