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E Pluribus Choose-Em: Looking Back, Moving Forward

This is important: the 1st half champion, 2nd half rules, and the place to predict for the RSL match.

Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final
We have a champion...
Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images


It came down to a single point, but we have crowned a first-half champion in E Pluribus Choose-Em. The top 3 are:

3. Kyle Carr/KCMasterpiece1432

2. Timber Dome

The Champion: robblerouser

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the first half. The full table:

1st Half E Pluribus Choose-Em Table

Player Total Score
Player Total Score
robblerouser 107
Timber Dome 106
KCMasterpiece1432 101
FreeFlyingLooner 98
Long tuba 98
thegreatgatz 96
FootballorFutbol? 95
Chicorychick 93
noobFC 90
mark2309 87
CMParkhurst 83
markgoody 83
Wiscoloon 81
MNWildcat 76
MattyH17 66
Nebraska_Loon 62
YellowAndRed4ever 55
throwingrocksathouses920 48
vrnbch 43
KLP 41
Aaron Tinklenberg 39
indianassasin 32
PaleVermilion 27
Nate Reichle 27
T_Durka 25
colinmc82 24
BlackBeardMN 22
Patrick Westerlund 17
Southernmostloonsfan 17
TrueTeacher 14
wellActuarially 10
Mr. Loontastic 6
sweetpeatwins 5
darthgumby 5
Isaac Ch 5
misanthropester 4
SounderTX 4
Wingz! 4
Packerbacker96 4
lolommel 4

The competition is far from over though. Standings will reset, and the rules will change slightly (I'll get to that shortly), but the concept will remain the same for the second half of the season.

You may have noticed that the season isn't half over yet, but this competition is. That's because we are planning a special playoffs-esque tournament for the last few weeks of the season. More info on that will come out as we work out details and the end of the season comes closer.

Remember that survey you (hopefully) took a while ago? Well, I reviewed the feedback given from that and I have adjusted the rules according to your wishes.

What will stay the same:

  • What you predict (scoreline and starting XI)
  • The schedule (results on Mondays at 9:00, prediction posts Thursdays at noon), unless it's a midweek game, where things may be combined

What will change:

  • The scoring system will look a little different. There will be 15 points possible, awarded for:

1 point for each correctly predicted player (up to 11 points possible from this)

2 points for correctly predicting the overall result (win, loss, draw)

1 point for correctly predicting Minnesota United's score

1 point for correctly predicting the opponents score

Hopefully this scoring system improves the participant experience in the competition.

For Round 1 of part 2 (yes, the rounds will start over at one), our Loons travel to RSL with a chance to pick up some away points. This is the place to predict for Saturday's matchup.

Thanks, as always, for your participation. Fill up the comments with your predictions, Loons fans!