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NPSL North Weekly: Week 4

We bring you an update on Minnesota TwinStars, an updated table, and a look at this weekend's action.

Action from Sioux Falls Thunder

Minnesota TwinStars GM: "No financial issues"

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a potential financial situation at Minnesota TwinStars FC. I was fortunate to receive more details about what is happening at TwinStars from their new GM, Sue Bostrom. Bostrom assured us that “there are no financial issues on the horizon for TwinStars”. The GoFundMe page created by the club a couple of weeks ago was simply intended to raise funds to insure streams would be well done, not a sign of turmoil. This comes as a relief to those who enjoy seeing the NPSL North remain a competitive conference.

Bostrom was also able to use her connections with NPSL Club Services to point out that streaming is not required by NPSL, as was previously assumed. TwinStars do hope to stream their matches in the near future, “in a professional, reliable manner”. This comes as a pleasant sign that lower-level soccer can be viewed in high-quality fashion.

Bostrom conceded that TwinStars have “a long way to go in matching up off the field”, but fans shouldn’t be concerned. The team is committed to “taking small steps toward [becoming comparable to some other NPSL North clubs] over the course of the season”. It will take the perfect combination of skill, wit, and quality soccer, but the TwinStars front office is up to the task.

Current Table

NPSL North Week 4

Team Points
Team Points
Dakota Fusion FC 9
Med City FC 7
Duluth FC 5
Minnesota TwinStars FC 5
Sioux Falls Thunder FC 4
Minneapolis City SC 4
Aris SC 0

Some parts of this table look as they were expected, others are very different. Dakota Fusion have taken the league by storm. Any doubters of Fusion's abilities were quickly silenced when the team from Fargo beat Minneapolis City 3-2 on the road.

City have struggled thus far, though they were not helped by the one off day between their home losses to Med City and Fusion. The Crows were heavy favorites at the start of the season, but they'll need to start getting results if they hope to compete for the title.

Med City and Duluth have performed as expected. Both teams have gained traction in their communities, and picked up points from teams who left them hanging. The addition of Fusion to the top group may force one or both of these teams out of the playoff places at the end of the season, but we can look forward to fierce competition down the stretch.

Minnesota TwinStars put the biggest thumping yet on Aris in a midweek match—7-1. The match was played in front of a much larger crowd than the Dragons are used to, with some Minneapolis City fans making the trek to take in the rout.

Sioux Falls Thunder and VSLT are flying under the radar so far. It's still early in the season, so neither team has had too many opportunities to set themselves apart from the rest, but both clubs will need to establish themselves, sooner rather than later.

Week 4 Matchups

Dakota Fusion vs. Minnesota TwinStars

Aris vs. VSLT

Sioux Falls Thunder vs. Duluth

Minneapolis City and Med City are off this weekend, but the Crows are headed down to Des Moines, Iowa to play an exhibition match against the Des Moines Menace.