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I would like to say ‘Thanks’

It is time for me to step down as one of the quiet leaders of E Pluribus Loonum. You fans made it great!

MLS: Portland Timbers at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for me to step down. Some of you may have known that I was one of the faceless bloggers quietly pulling strings for this blog along with @birsch and @GarrettDenney, but many of you probably did not. But alas, it is time for me to bid adieu.

I took the reigns early with very little experience with SBNation, and I wanted to continue a (mostly) anonymous presence. I wanted my contributors to be the ones who were given the credit for the success for E Pluribus Loonum. I hope I achieved that.

But now as I enter my final year of schooling, I need to focus on that and my potential career goals. I will always love Loonum and the opportunity given to me by SBNation, but it is time to turn my attention away. (I won’t be turning my attention away from Minnesota United, of course, so you will likely see me pop in and out in the comments sections.)

MLS: Portland Timbers at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

But really it is you, the reader, that make this blog possible. From tipping us off to news about Rasmus Schuller and John Alvbage coming from Swedish outlets (along with player rumor after player rumor) to indulging my crazy lineup ideas, you guys have been awesome. Please keep up the enthusiasm not only about our outlet but all MNUFC outlets!

Now for me, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@NateSiems). Forewarning that I do not stick to sports or the Loons and your timeline may be flooded with tweets about European soccer, Kansas Jayhawk Basketball, or really anything that I feel needs to be ranted about.

This blog is stronger than it has ever been and keeps growing. Garrett and birsch will remain onboard to keep this thing moving ahead.

You fans are the best. Never stop being you. I thank you for everything.