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Make Jerry’s Goal Celebration Your Desktop Wallpaper

You won’t dread heading to work Monday morning with this fantastic picture of Jerome Thiesson’s goal celebration on your computer.

Things were not looking good for Minnesota United at the half against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday. After conceding two in the first 45’, they badly needed a turnaround.

Whatever words head coach Adrian Heath offered in the locker room must have worked because a goal apiece for Francisco Calvo and Jermone Thiesson made the scoreline level in the second half.

Jerome “Jerry” Thiesson has quickly become a fan favorite for his great attitude and consistent performances on the pitch this year, providing some stability during turbulent times.

In fact, another one of our writers recently had some high praise for Jerry. After plenty of Twitter replies following that article, it is clear we’re not alone in our love for the Swiss defender.

Twitter user @LEtoile_DuNord first brought our attention to a fantastic photo of Thiesson right in the middle of celebrating his first MLS goal. It’s a great picture of exuberance following a desperately needed equalizer.

If you’re dreading heading to work Monday, think about making Jerry your new computer wallpaper. It’s pretty tough to have a case of the Mondays with a Loon-inspired goal celebration there to greet you in the morning.

The original post from United’s Facebook page is embedded below.