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Nicholson: “I love this place,” still working to get 100% fit

The newly minted Loon had kind words for his new home state and emphasized that his fitness is getting better but will take some time.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

While we won’t have any way to quantify their real impact for at least a few more games, the fresh faces in Sam Nicholson and Michael Boxall are at least reason for Loons fans to breath a (partial) sigh of relief.

No, they’re not the #10 Designated Player that this squad (and, most of all, Christian Ramirez) really need and would benefit from, but they are new bodies and a chance to add depth to a razor-thin squad hamstrung by injuries in recent weeks.

The only question still lingering in my mind is: where did they store that backdrop and why was it at the bottom of a hiking backpack making its way through the Appalachian Trail?

I shouldn’t be so hard on them. They probably don’t want to spring for a clothing iron before they have a solid core to build around. (I kid, I kid)

In any case, look for Nicholson to join the XI tomorrow against literally the only team worse than us (TM) ... D.C. United.