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Results: E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 8

The leader has changed...

MLS: D.C. United at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The points have been tallied from the eighth round of E Pluribus Choose-Em, and there was a bit of a shake-up at the top. Chicorychick took the lead with a strong showing this week.

E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 8 Table

Player Total Score
Player Total Score
Chicorychick 94
FootballorFutbol? 91
noobFC 90
Nebraska_Loon 89
CMParkhurst 87
markgoody 82
MNWildcat 79
mark2309 79
Kyle Carr 75
MattyH17 63
mnBlack&Blue4ever 62
mattydisc13 60
robblerouser 57
Timber Dome 43
Wiscoloon 10
Long tuba 9

The detailed table can be found here.

See you back on Thursday for Round 9!