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Renewal Time is (almost) here!

Get ‘em while they’re hot ... and while these prices are here.

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at Minnesota United FC Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost time for season ticket renewals. In an email sent to season ticket holders today, Minnesota United FC laid out the renewal dates, process, and pricing for 2018 season tickets.

Starting off with the dates, the club stated that current season ticket holders will be able to renew their tickets starting on July 13th and will be able to opt in for seat relocations that will run from August 21-31. “This relocation process is a chance for season ticket holders to place themselves in the section they want to occupy once the new stadium opens in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul in 2019,” said the club in an email. There will be an email going out on July 10th for instructions on how to renew.

Now let’s get to the elephant in the room, the prices. In the email, MNUFC also had an image with the comparison to the Final prices from 2017 and the Prices for 2018.

Credit: Minnesota United FC

Now, everyone didn’t buy their tickets in the final phase last time around, so in order to do a better comparison, we have this handy spreadsheet for you.

MNUFC Season Ticket Pricing

Location 2017 Phase 1 2017 Final 2018 Phase 1 Increase over Phase 1 Increase over Final
Location 2017 Phase 1 2017 Final 2018 Phase 1 Increase over Phase 1 Increase over Final
Pitchside Club* $2,790 $2,975 $2,975 $185 $0
Lower Club $2,790 $2,850 $2,850 $60 $0
Green South* $1,080 $1,125 $1,225 $145 $100
Green North $1,080 $1,125 $995 -$85 -$130
Red South* $792 $799 $880 $88 $81
Red North $792 $799 $720 -$72 -$79
Sky Blue $576 $655 $655 $79 $0
Purple $486 $499 $520 $34 $21
Navy $396 $415 $425 $29 $10
Supporters $360 $370 $365 $5 -$5
Maroon $324 $341 $340 $16 -$1
*Note the Benches and Pitchside Club are on the South Side of the Stadium KatoSportsGirl

Now, the biggest overall increase from 2017 Phase 1 to 2018 Phase 1 is the pitchside club at $185. However, the biggest changes are actually in the Green and Red areas which have now been split into South (bench/press box side) and North (camera side). The South takes an increase all around at $100 (from 2017 Final) and $145 (2017 Phase 1) for the Green area while Red sees a bump of $88/81. The North, on the other hand, has a significant drop going down by $85/130 for Green and $72/79 for the Red seats, so if you like potentially being on camera that’s the side for you.

The only other areas that are going down from last years final prices are the Supporters (down by $5) and the Maroon (down by $1) but both are up from Phase 1 last year (Supporters - $5, Maroon - $16). This is definitely not bad pricing especially for 17-18 matches, by comparison, Gopher Football (7 Games) runs between $310-1800 and the Minnesota Vikings (10 Games) run between $500-4,000!

Are you planning on buying new or renewing season tickets? Let us know in the comments below.