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Sneak peak: Minnesota United in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is officially in the wild as the open beta begins rolling out and we’ve got a sneak peak thanks to @stopactingpoor.


Two-and-a-half stars seems about right, all things considered. We’re a new team and the start to the season has been ... bumpy.

The starting XI looks to at least be in the right ballpark, at first glance. Molino (72) being more highly rated than Ramirez (71) is a little weird. J. Venegas could probably be dinged a point or two, and Thiesson definitely deserves a bump up from 64. Dunladi at 63 is a bit soft, too. But overall? Not bad.

The subs look pretty good. Kallman at 65 works, even though he hasn’t featured recently. Warner at 66 is a bit too high by my count.

Alex Ferrell is still listed on our roster, despite not being a part of the team (I believe we still holds his rights, though). Aside from that, I can’t decide what’s funnier: Demidov getting a 65 or Nicholson not having a picture at all yet.

So, there you have it! FIFA 18 is coming and Minnesota United are, for the first time in FIFA video game history, a standard part of the package.

What do you think of the early numbers? Sound off below!

We’ll have more coverage on FIFA 18 in the coming days.